At last we are starting to see the end of the long wet winter that started in September. The winter of 2019 was the wettest on record for Waldersey. 

The current weather outlook is promising and sugar beet drilling is well underway. 

Red and brown onion planting is complete and planting of early variety potatoes progressing well. Early varieties include Maris Bard and Premiere. Planting main crop potatoes such as Agria will begin in earnest immediately after earlies.

Winter wheat is enjoying the recent sunshine and has grown noticeably in the last few weeks. 

Winter bird seed plots are being sown so as to yield an important food source for our farmland birds this winter. The seed mix includes a mix of cereals, brassicas and other small edible seed varieties such as millet and sunflowers. These plots will provide flowers for beneficial insects including bumblebees, solitary bees, butterflies and hoverflies during the summer and an abundant supply of seeds for farmland birds including tree sparrows and buntings during the winter. Other environmental work undertaken by Waldersey during the spring also includes establishing cultivated plots for ground nesting birds such as lapwing and cutting nectar plots to encourage flowering later this summer. 

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