We are now beginning to see a lot less swans feeding on the fields as they have started their migration back to Iceland and artic Russia.

WWT Welney put out a press release about the feeding on arable fields and the importance it has on the migration for the swans:

"As we move out of winter the remaining swans are now feeding closer to the washes in the arable land (within 5km) as they prepare for their migrations. Shorter flights to feeding areas means that the birds are resting more and conserving as much energy as possible ahead of their journeys to Iceland and artic Russia. You might see flocks of swans closer to the washes now as they switch diets from the carbohydrate-rich, harvest left-overs - to the protein of aquatic plants of the washes and fresh shoots in the surrounding arable fields.

The Special Protection Area (SPA) designation of the Ouse Washes is for the internationally important numbers of certain birds that we hold each winter. But the birds also use the surrounding fields, especially now, hugging the boundaries of WWT Welney reserve before they leave for their breeding grounds. 

Find out more about whooper swans > https://bit.ly/3qWmd2z"


Swans feeding in nearby fields