Since government restrictions were imposed mid March, demand for our Royal Norfolk bags of frying potatoes has dived. This is a direct result of the national closure of fish & chip shops, restaurants and other outlets. We sympathise with our customers who's businesses have effectively closed overnight.

Our potatoes are good and have good storage ability until end of June. After that new crop potatoes will in any event come available from our fields.

Back to the reality of today though in mid May: demand is improving in a small way and we appreciate enormously the loyalty of our customers. We are all taking small and slightly timid steps forward!

Happily demand for our premium quality red onions has been excellent and we are now sold out of the 2019 crop.

For 2020 crops our irrigators are hard at work. Potatoes and onions are all looking good after a good watering. If there is one thing that is bound to make it rain, it is to start irrigating this early in the season. Good luck everyone!

Royal Norfolk Potatoes

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