The headquarters of the business is at Northfield Farm where we store and process most of the potatoes grown. It is an important centre of operations and it enables us to maintain the professional service we offer all customers.

Farm Office

The estate is strongly farming orientated but as modern practice overtakes tradition the old buildings are converted to satisfy local demand for housing. Retaining character and form of these old buildings is important to us. The estate has 32 properties. Converted barns at Lodge Farm are shown here.

Lodge farm Barns

Water is a vital resource in the fens. In fact it’s presence characterises fenland habitation, farming systems and communications. Specialist organisations like the Internal Drainage Boards design systems to cope with water excess and shortage and are highly successful in this serious undertaking. This is a photo of a new reservoir under construction at Nordelph Farm.


Vegetables have been grown on Waldersey land for many years and we’re constantly updating our storage methods and facilities to ensure we operate with efficiency using modern technology. Modern facilities are an outward demonstration to all our colleagues of business efficiency. This photo shows a new potato store under construction at Southery.

New Potato Store

Here is a development made in 2014 where we updated a redundant farm building centre at Exmoor Grange Farm with infrastructure to service 2,500 acres of grade one silt. The new stores are for drying wheat, processing onions and storing potatoes.

Potato Store
Northfield Barn

Ensuring houses are available in the local community is important to us.  Redundant farm buildings can be converted to dwellings when they’re close to villages and add to communities.

Farmland is a limited resource and we recognise our responsibilities in balancing food production, community understanding and environmental good.