Waldersey Farms
Sunrise stacks
Waldersey Swans

Waldersey Farms

Waldersey has farmed in the Norfolk and Cambridgeshire Fens for 40 years.

This is some of the very best farmland in the United Kingdom, demanding skilled and careful attention.
There are many waterways, drains and reservoirs in the area.

The Fens

A unique and productive landscape. The best soils are silts deposited over the centuries from flooding rivers as inland waters slow before reaching the sea. The area Waldersey farms is 25 miles inland from the sea.

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Wheat is our main crop. Waldersey grows 20,000 tonnes - enough to produce 50 million loaves of bread

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Our Land

We maintain and improve the infrastructure of our farms. Agricultural barns are used for storage and traditional barns converted for housing in the local community where possible.

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Our Potatoes

Royal Norfolk is our Waldersey brand that delivers the goodness of the fens to customers nationwide. Potatoes are our most important crop and we are fortunate to be farming ideal land for potato growing

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