Grain Harvest

Wheat is our main crop. Waldersey grows 20,000 tonnes a year – enough to produce 50 million loaves of bread. Straw is baled as fuel for local power stations.

We have five John Deere combine harvesters. Grain is dried and stored on our farms, including retaining seed for planting the following years crop.

Potato Crop

Waldersey produces enough potatoes to make 30 million portions of chips a year. Our potatoes are marketed under the Royal Norfolk brand and sold around the UK. We specialise in growing frying potatoes and these include varieties Markies, Agria, Maris Piper and Sagita

Red Onions

Waldersey grows 6,000 tonnes of onions. Our specialism is red onions, which suit our land well because of its moisture retentive characteristic.

Onions are harvested with our own equipment before being dried and cured in refrigerated on farm stores.

Onions are a highly technical crop to grow.

Yield Map

Precision farming methods allow us to be certain our use of resources is accurate, measured and justified. Technical improvements are being made all the time.

All of our field operations utilise satellite guidance technology.

This image shows wheat-yield mapping and combine-harvester settings.

Precision farming and crop-production techniques go hand in hand. GPS, live camera feeds and crop-area measurement are tools of our trade with constant data transfers between the farm office and operations in the field.

Inside the cab

Our farmland is used for growing a wide range of vegetable crops because it is fertile, free draining, moisture retentive and stone free.

Pumpkins are grown for Hallowe’en
Carrots grow well here, because they are able to develop long, straight roots
Leeks enjoy our deep, fertile soils

All the resources we use – including water, fertiliser and soil organic matter – are carefully quantified.
Our ‘Soils and Sustainability’ committee continually review our techniques, technical developments and ways to improve and protect our most important resources.

Fertiliser Spreader

Experience, information and training are highly valued here at Waldersey.

We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of technical advancements in resource usage in UK farming.

It’s our people who count.