Our specialism is growing potatoes for the frying market, and we supply many chip shops as well as processors. The peat and silt land suits this activity well. Crop rotation is fundamental, and potatoes are grown in a cycle of one year in seven.

Growing Potato Crop
Potato Harvester
Planting Potatoes

We harvest 18,000 tonnes of potatoes each year using two specialist machines. Potatoes are planted in March / April and harvested September / October. Despite the wet autumn in 2019 all of our crop was harvested successfully.

Selection of potato variety, soil type, seed spacing and harvest intervals are all critical to ensure we’re growing potatoes just as the markets demand. Shown here are Maris Piper potatoes.



Storing frying potatoes at the right temperature is vital in allowing us to deliver product as the market demands, all the way from September through to the following June. Potatoes are an important part of the staple diet in the world and long term storage remains as big a challenge as ever. The photo shows potatoes under our Royal Norfolk brand.


Produce is dispatched daily and we process customer orders amounting to 600 tonnes per week. Some of our potatoes go to Northern Ireland.

Handling potatoes carefully to ensure they arrive with customers in top condition and ready to fry is our prime aim.

Potatoes on conveyer